NAEM’s EHS & Sustainability Management Forum

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We’re excited to be participating in NAEM’s EHS & Sustainability Management Forum this year. Meet our experts at our booth! 

CEC is invested in the continued economic, social, and environmental health of our communities and clients. Our environmental, social, and governance (ESG)/sustainability services help support the “triple bottom line” of corporate performance.

CEC’s scientists and engineers recognize that our services have a direct impact on the energy use, resource consumption, and waste production of our clients’ operations. When our clients seek to incorporate sustainability criteria in the fulfillment of their project objectives, we can deliver services tailored to those needs, whether they are site-specific or include the value chain. Our sustainability services model encompasses three service phases:


Environmental and social factors can disrupt your operations and those of your suppliers and clients. Our scientists and engineers can help identify and prioritize risks from flash floods, drought, wildfires, extreme storms, power disruptions, as well as regulatory and market changes. CEC can help your organization adapt to changing conditions, become more resilient to disturbances, and mitigate environmental impacts.


CEC can aid your organization to develop plans and engineer solutions as you implement strategies to achieve GHG reduction targets, adapt operations to the effects of a changing climate, and engineer process changes for long-term operational resilience.


Stakeholders, both internal and external to your organization, seek information to understand the sustainability of your organization, what measures are being taken to improve sustainability, and how much progress is being made toward specific goals. CEC can help your organization envision innovations and communicate achievements.


CEC is now hiring and has open positions across various fields and office locations. To view our full list of job openings, click here.

CEC Experts

Kristian A. Macoskey, QEP

Corporate Renewables and ESG/Sustainability Lead

David J. Larson

Corporate Manufacturing Market Group Lead

The E in ESG

Listen to our environmental experts, Andrew Horwath and Kris Macoskey, discuss the impact consultants can have on clients’ environmental strategies. Andrew and Kris explain how CEC can help companies assess their Scope 3 emissions now to better prepare them for the future.

CEC Chats : ESG – Five Questions You Need To Be Asking 

In recent years, organizations around the world have embraced Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) as a management and disclosure strategy. In this segment, we discuss ESG with Kris Macoskey, Vice President. Mr. Macoskey will help us understand what ESG programs are, how organizations are using them, and how to get started on a program for your company.


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