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Dustin Kuhlman

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Pittsburgh In Action

Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens Center for Sustainable Landscapes
City of Brooklyn Landfill – Solar Array Construction
Decommissioning & Redevelopment “Playbook”
One on Centre Site Development
Montour Steam Electric Station, Basin 1
GIS-Based Mitigation Banking Site Selection Tool
Crabapple Creek Stream and Wetland Mitigation
Hanson NLEB Assistance
Arkwright Slurry Impoundment
Natural Gas Development at Pittsburgh International Airport
Westinghouse Electric Company Nuclear Division Headquarters Campus
Ashville-Sankertown Tap 46kV 87 Line Project
The Trans-Allegheny Interstate Transmission Line Project – Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys and Relocation
Little Blue Run Disposal Facility
Transmission Line Route Evaluation
Cheswick Generating Station, Ash Disposal Site Environmental Compliance and Engineering
Apex Landfill
Crafts Creek Stream Flow Restoration Project