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Well Field Optimization Using Data – 2021 CEC Solid Waste Webinar Series

August 17, 2021 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT


Presented by Brian Wolf and Chris Sliger 

Collecting data and quantifying the performance of a landfill dewatering system in a wellfield can be a challenging and time-consuming endeavor. This discussion will present some tools that make collecting the data efficient, thorough, and trackable. In particular, this discussion will focus on quantifying liquid levels and tracking dewatering efforts at “wet” landfills. 

Featured Speakers

Brian Wolf, P.E.

Project Manager III

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Mr. Wolf is a Project Manager with Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. who has 16 years of experience in solid waste engineering.  He has engineering and management experience associated with the design, permitting, and construction of municipal and residual waste disposal.  Mr. Wolf has performed due diligence evaluations, siting studies for evaluation of state and federal siting restrictions, environmental assessments and harms/benefits evaluations, and prepared numerous conceptual evaluations for optimizing layout of landfill facilities.  He has provided design, permitting, and management services to the waste industry including preparation of detailed landfill grading plans and details, analyses and design of landfill liner systems, leachate collection, storage and pumping systems, gas extraction and destruction/utilization systems, and sediment and stormwater management systems. Mr. Wolf has experience in the preparation of construction-level grading plans and details, and has written technical specifications for the procurement, installation, and testing of multi-layer geosynthetic/soil landfill liner systems, large earthworks, piping and pumping systems, gas management systems, and paving.  Mr. Wolf has managed several landfill construction projects related to soil and geosynthetic liner system materials, cap systems, leachate collection, pumping and storage systems, gas extraction and transmission systems, and erosion and sedimentation control systems.  He has prepared regulatory documentation, including as-built drawings and reports, for approval of state environmental agencies.
Chris Sliger, E.I.

Assistant Project Manager

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Mr. Sliger is a Assistant Project Manager with Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. who has over seven years of engineering consulting experience. His primary focus has been in (a) Solid Waste and (b) Surface Water. In Solid Waste, he has performed Aerial Budget Modeling (ABM) for multiple sites. He has created 5-year plans for multiple landfills using AutoCAD Civil3D. He has also assisted with Minor Modifications and other permitting/compliance issues. He has created Survey123 surveys for use in Gas O&M, dewatering wells, and other landfill maintenance areas. In Surface Water, Mr. Sliger has performed multiple Waste-Load Allocation studies, Total Maximum Daily Load Analyses, statistical analyses, and other projects involving hydraulic and hydrologic modeling. Specific modeling toolkits utilized include HEC-HMS, River2D, Plumes, Aermod, and GIS. Permitting experience includes (but is not limited to) the US Army Corps of Engineers Nationwide Permit Program and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), specifically NPDES permitting. He has assisted in the preparation of SWPPPs for various industries. Field experience includes (but is not limited to) dye-tracing studies, macroinvertebrate bioassessments, surface water sampling, groundwater sampling, Phase I site assessments, and bathymetric surveys. Mr. Sliger has also assisted in project management responsibilities, including proposal preparation, request-for-bids, cost-benefit analyses, and work plan compilation. Mr. Sliger has graduate-level environmental engineering coursework in erosion and sediment control; advanced wastewater treatment; open-channel hydraulics; environmental chemistry; environmental microbiology; urban hydrology and storm water engineering; environmental transport and kinetics; watershed monitoring and assessment; air pollution engineering and control.  Mr. Sliger also has graduate-level nuclear engineering coursework in reactor theory and design, partial differential equations, and advanced numerical methods.


August 17, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT
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Online Webinar
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