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Our water resources team provides turnkey wastewater treatment and compliance services for both new and retrofitted facilities, helping you determine an appropriate treatment technology or combination of technologies by conducting bench- and pilot-scale tests on site or in our treatability laboratories.

Harnessing previous experience working within the industries CEC serves, our experts bring a unique perspective to our CCR & industrial waste management solutions, as well as our leachate management and treatment solutions. 

Local Expertise, National Resources

Led by recognized experts in the areas of CCR and leachate, CEC leverages local expertise and its national resources to provide industry-leading solutions to your most challenging water-related projects.

CEC Experts

Ivan Cooper, P.E., BCEE


Areas of Expertise:

Leachate Management and Treatment, Wastewater treatability/pilot testing, Process Design Engineering, Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Industrial Process Water Design, Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment, NPDES Permit Negotiation, Pretreatment System Permitting, Treatment Plant Operations/Troubleshooting, Water Quality & Quantity Modeling, CCR and Industrial Waste Management, Environmental Compliance, Compliance Audits, Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence, Waste Characterization

Mr. Cooper is a Principal in CEC’s Charlotte office and is the National Practice Leader for Water and Wastewater. He oversees environmental consulting activities in landfill leachate, municipal and industrial water and wastewater, power, regulatory compliance issues. He has detailed experience in wastewater permitting, treatability, preliminary and detailed studies and design, construction observation, operation and maintenance manuals, start-up, and operational assistance for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. With over 43 years of technical and management experience, he has evaluated sites, performed and reviewed historical and cost evaluations for over 100 landfills and National Priority List (NPL) Superfund sites and has conducted the preliminary and detailed design of over 100 leachate, industrial, and municipal waste treatment systems. He is a licensed professional engineer in 13 states and a Board Certified Environmental Engineer by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists.
Greg Werner, P.E.


Robert White


Kysinh Nguyen, P.E.

Project Manager

Ron Ruocco, P.E.

Project Manager

George Tyrian, P.E.

Project Manager

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