Dave Larson

Dave Larson

Manufacturing Lead

(412) 249-3196

Mr. Larson has over 19 years of environmental consulting experience. He currently leads the Manufacturing Market Group for CEC, which keeps our teams of scientists and engineers actively engaged on issues that are important to today’s manufacturers. He is also a Principal in CEC’s Environmental Engineering and Sciences Practice, where he leads a team of environmental compliance and permitting professionals.

He has served a wide range of industrial and commercial clients on multi-media environmental compliance and permitting matters including: alternative fuels, asphalt, automotive supply chain, bulk chemical distribution, coal and limestone mining, coke, commercial real estate, composite resin, concrete, copper, electric utilities, electroplating, foundries, glass, hospitals, inorganic chemicals, landfill gas-to-energy, lead shielding manufacturing, lithographic printing, medical equipment manufacturing, natural gas production, oil refineries, paint/coatings, petroleum R&D, powdered metal, specialty steel additives, steel electro-galvanizing, steel, and tin plating.

Mr. Larson provides compliance assistance on projects subject to a range of environmental regulations including CAA, CWA, EPCRA, RCRA, SARA, SPCC, and TSCA. He is a certified lead auditor of ISO 14001 environmental management systems and a certified storm water operator in the state of Michigan. Mr. Larson has served as the onsite environmental representative and ISO 14001 internal audit manager for a rolled steel products company, addressing the full spectrum of environmental compliance issues at the facility. He has also conducted over 50 multi-media environmental compliance audits for industrial facilities throughout the U.S.

He has experience with the preparation of Tier II, Form R/A, Form U, air emission inventories, NPDES permits and DMRs, and biennial residual and hazardous waste reports. He has developed PPC, SPCC, PIPP, SWPPP, RCRA, and emergency response plans, air permit applications, and Best Available Control Technology evaluations. Mr. Larson has provided guidance and manifest training to RCRA large quantity generators. He has also conducted inspections of hazardous waste storage areas and programs.

Mr. Larson has designed and engineered secondary containment for oil-filled electrical equipment at ten electrical utility substations. He has also conducted visual inspections of aboveground tanks and associated valves and piping at manufacturing facilities. Mr. Larson has led teams of engineers and scientists to solve environmental issues related air, water, and waste at large and complex industrial facilities.