Dean Jones

Dean Jones


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Mr. Jones has 37 years’ experience in providing civil and geotechnical engineering consulting, environmental assessment, and soil remediation, and construction management and quality assurance services to a variety of clients for commercial, retail, industrial, utility, local, state, federal government, and residential projects throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri.

Mr. Jones served in various roles during design, construction and operation of waste disposal facilities for solid waste, power generation, and manufacturing industries. Services have been provided in support of permitting and design, and as construction manager/certifying engineer construction quality assurance for municipal solid waste landfill cells and caps; coal combustion residual landfill and impoundments construction and closure; and waste transfer station design, permitting and construction.

Mr. Jones is well versed in the analyses, design and construction of geotechnical related projects such as shallow foundations, deep foundation systems (driven piles, caissons, geo-piers, micro-piles, etc.), temporary and permanent retention structures, cut and fill slopes, bridge foundations, earthwork development, pavement design, roadway embankments. His experience also covers a broad range of environmental site assessment and remediation, construction oversight, and permitting.