Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller

Vice President of Operations

(304) 848-7102

Mr. Miller has over 33 years of consulting experience. He is responsible for overseeing daily operations, promoting a safe working environment, staff development and office development, project management and client development.

Of the 33 years of experience 25 have been spent working on transportation projects, bridges, roads and airports.  Mr. Miller has been the principal in charge and surveyor in charge of several large transportation projects including the Nationwide Airport Obstruction Survey Contract, Mr. Miller was the program coordinator, principal and lead field surveyor in charge, responsible for the overall program development for nationwide WAAS surveying. Mr. Miller performed all field surveying associated and described in AC 150 5300 16A, 17B & 18B including PACS & SACS reestablishment, photo control, runway end, runway centerline, NAVAIDS surveying, UDDF submission on over 16 airports from Morgantown West Virginia to Victoria Texas, the airports covered six different states.

U.S Route 35 Mason County, West Virginia, Mr. Miller served at the Office Manager responsible for oversight, design, and plan preparation for the 1.85 mile section of four-lane divided highway. The section of highway also includes dual 400’ bridges over Three Mile Creek and dual 92’ bridges over Two Mile Creek He was responsible for the overall development of the surveying approach including high-order vertical and horizontal control, overseeing the photogrammetric mapping and topography. Mr. Miller has served as the lead and surveyor in charge on over 100 roadway improvement projects including bridge replacement projects, roadway slip repair projects and bridge replacement projects.

Mr. Miller is responsible for professional development and staff mentoring. He is in constant communication with clients, project managers and key technical staff, providing the guidance necessary to ensure that every project is completed with professionalism and efficiency. Mr. Miller has worked on both private and public sectors and has noteworthy experience in the policies and procedures within WVDOT, WVDEP, USACE, ASSHTO, FHWA, FAA.