Duane Lanoue

Duane Lanoue



Mr. Lanoue has 32 years of experience in solid and residual waste, civil, environmental, and geotechnical projects. He has been employed with consulting engineering firms and a large solid waste firm.

Mr. Lanoue has prepared numerous permit applications for contiguous and non-contiguous landfill expansions for municipal solid waste, residual waste, and coal combustion residual (CCR) landfills which involved the design of engineered systems including conceptual grading plans to optimize landfill airspace and soil balance, composite liner and cap systems, leachate management system, gas management system, and surface water controls. He also oversaw the preparation of permit narrative, design calculations, and drawings. He assisted in evaluating wetland impacts and hydrogeologic conditions. He oversaw preparation of the surface water discharge and air emissions permit for the expansions.

Mr. Lanoue has been involved in numerous landfill construction projects. He has provided services as construction manager, prepared bidding documents with technical specifications and construction drawings, and provided construction quality assurance services and construction management for construction of the following landfill components:

  • Composite liner systems
  • Cap systems
  • Leachate collection, transport and storage systems
  • Surface water control structures
  • Sedimentation basins
  • Gas collection and control systems.

Mr. Lanoue has prepared numerous permit applications for the closure of municipal solid waste landfills and residual waste and CCR impoundments. The CCR impoundments were under regulatory orders to develop final closure grading, address any compliance issues and complete final cover system construction.