John Frydrych

John Frydrych


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Mr. Frydrych has 32 years of broad-based civil engineering, municipal engineering, and land development design experience. His professional experience includes a variety of civil engineering tasks involving numerous land/site development, stormwater management and hydrologic/hydraulic modeling, environmental, landfill, and municipal water system and sanitary sewerage projects. With the growth of the gas industry in Pennsylvania, Mr. Frydrych has gained experience in gas well pad design, impoundment and basin design, and access road design to support gas extraction and well development sites. Mr. Frydrych also serves as an expert witness regarding land development claims and performs forensic studies and investigations in support of his opinions.

Mr. Frydrych’s land/site development experience includes commercial, residential, retail, industrial, and public works projects for both private and public sector clients. Additionally, he has extensive experience with K-12 and higher education projects.  His expertise in engineering design includes all aspects of land development practice, including grading and earthwork analyses, infrastructure and utility design, site layout, hydraulic/hydrologic analyses, erosion and sediment control planning, and other applicable regulatory permitting. Mr. Frydrych has been involved in numerous site feasibility studies to investigate zoning, pertinent ordinances, site access and circulation, transportation improvements, geotechnical investigations, waterway and topographic constraints, stormwater management, utility investigations, infrastructure improvements, and environmental considerations including wetland management.

Project hydraulic/hydrologic analyses includes stormwater management with detention/retention designs, stormwater runoff models, dam breach analyses, riverine routings, and work involved with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) hydraulic/hydrologic studies.  Regulatory permitting for projects has included stream encroachments and enclosures, erosion and sediment control planning and design, NPDES permitting, and Pennsylvania Act 537 permitting related to sanitary sewerage studies.

Regarding Expert Witness/Forensic Experience, Mr. Frydrych performs forensic studies and serves as an expert witness on site development projects that included document review, field condition review, authoring written reports offering professional opinions, testimony through deposition, and testimony at trial.