John Hock

John Hock

Vice President

(630) 541-0612

Mr. Hock has more than 30 years of experience with environmental issues at solid waste, CERCLA, RCRA, and voluntary action sites from both the private industry and consulting perspectives.

Mr. Hock spent over 11 years of his career working for large and mid-size solid waste hauling and disposal companies as a site and region engineer throughout the Midwest. In this role, he developed an expertise in directing complex environmental projects at solid waste disposal sites, including issues related to environmental monitoring, minor and major permit modifications, compliance systems, landfill development, landfill gas systems, leachate treatment plant development, wetland mitigation, and closure activities.

Mr. Hock also served as a senior project manager in the environmental group of a major corporation. In this role, he managed multiple remedial projects under CERCLA, RCRA, NRC, and property transfer regulations. The main projects involved Corrective Action Programs for two active manufacturing facilities, investigation of a low-level radioactive disposal site, and O&M of multiple Superfund Sites. Other projects involved steering committee participation, pump and treat systems, deep injection well abandonment, river/creek remediation, insurance carrier litigation, third party damage claims, allocation arguments, and PRP negotiations.

At CEC, Mr. Hock has managed or led  a wide variety of solid waste and environmental projects for small family run companies to mid-size independent companies to large publicly traded companies in multiple States. He has developed an expertise in the feasibility evaluation, due diligence, local siting, permitting, design and construction support of municipal solid waste transfer stations and material recovery facilities. He has also provided expert witness testimony on multiple projects.