Kevin Kamp

Kevin Kamp

Vice President

(314) 656-4570

Mr. Kamp’s land development experience includes commercial, residential, retail, industrial, and institutional projects for both the private and public sectors. He has managed projects from conceptual design all the way through final design and even has regularly makes made periodic visits on site to be a resource during construction.

Mr. Kamp is experienced in all aspects of land development including hydrology and hydraulics, grading and earthwork analysis, water distribution and sanitary sewer design, and erosion and sedimentation control.  Project storm water management designs have included retention ponds, dry detention facilities, as well as underground methods that help save space on sometimes limited land areas.  Many of these facilities are designed with provisions for Best Management Practices (BMP). His experiences in project coordination and management, along with detailed knowledge of ordinances and regulations, have assured timely project approvals through the permitting process. Mr. Kamp has been responsible for complete engineering design and preparation of construction documents, including technical review for constructability and compliance with applicable laws and codes.

Mr. Kamp has conducted numerous feasibility investigations to evaluate the development potential of sites. Issues considered for these include zoning, site access and transportation improvements, floodplain, topography, utility availability and capacity, storm water management, wetlands, and other environmental considerations. He has consistently shown the ability to identify critical project issues during the early stages of project design and has a comprehensive understanding of land development challenges and utilizes his experience to assure cost-effective designs and prompt plan approvals with a high level of service to the client.