Mike Coonfare

Mike Coonfare

Senior Project Manager

(419) 214-4412

Mr. Coonfare is a Certified Professional under the Ohio Voluntary Action Program and has over 20 years of site assessment and remediation experience with a focus in brownfield redevelopment. Brownfield redevelopment projects include high-rise commercial/residential mixed-use buildings, former fossil fuel power plants, coking plants, manufactured gas plants, former steel plants, and various other industrial facilities.

Mr. Coonfare is experienced in all aspects of site assessments ranging from Phase I and Phase II assessments, asbestos inspections, lead-based paint inspections and risk assessments, and radon assessments. Remediation design experience includes conventional dig and haul projects, sub-slab depressurization systems, in-situ chemical oxidation, permeable reactive barrier walls, groundwater gradient control systems, vapor barrier systems.

In addition to site assessment and remediation experience, Mr. Coonfare also has extensive experience with underground storage tank closures, RCRA closures, and beneficial use projects.