Pat Sullivan

Pat Sullivan


(412) 249-1574

Mr. Sullivan is a Principal with 38 years of consulting experience and significant federal government project and regulatory experience. He has managed numerous geotechnical, environmental and civil engineering projects in both the private and public sector.

He specializes in the management and design of said projects and the quality assurance responsibilities associated with construction. Responsibilities included: the generation or checking of various calculations, the development of project specific documents such as work plans, construction quality assurance plans, reports, narratives, cost estimates and bid documents, and the preparation or review of construction drawings and technical specifications in client requested or standardized formats.

He possesses experience in the USACE’s specialized design/phasing process having participated in value engineering workshops and BCOE conferences and having prepared DDR and P&S deliverables at the various percentage submissions stages. He also has utilized DrChecks, SpecsIntact and MCACES software programs used by USACE.

Mr. Sullivan has expertise in areas such as abandoned mine land reclamation, foundation analysis and design, coal refuse and slurry impoundment design and analysis, pavement design, architectural drafting, and surveying. His environmental background has allowed him to perform remedial designs for hazardous waste and solid waste landfills and surface impoundments, and prepare remedial investigation reports and feasibility studies in both the private and public-sector arenas.