Tim Nytra

Tim Nytra


(412) 275-2999

Mr. Nytra oversees civil engineering and environmental science projects primarily associated with solid waste facilities. He oversees all aspects of landfill projects and the implementation/utilization of processes and systems – responsible for project forecasting, tracking/management of budgets and completion within established time lines. He recommends preventive maintenance practices and identifies opportunities for improvement on project processes and design standards.

Mr. Nytra assists solid waste operators with enforcement/management of regulatory compliance including LFG projects, permit filings, data collection, air permit management, landfill design, document preparation, and CQA.  He regularly interfaces with landfill engineering, management and construction personnel to ensure completion of projects and compliance with regulatory agencies.

As an Area Environmental Manager for Republic Services, he was responsible for active and closed Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) landfill regulatory permitting & compliance with all state and local environmental rules & regulations for landfills in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, Niagara Falls, West Virginia and Kentucky. He prepared comprehensive landfill budgets comprised of capital expenses relevant to: land acreage, excavation, construction facilities costs, operational costs, disposal volumes, baseliners and final cover capping, installation of gas management systems/wells/piping & associated components, leachate systems, post closure and maintenance costs, etc. Mr. Nytra generated ROIs, pro forma statements for profit and loss – analyzed financial aspects during of each stage of operation working closely with accountants/controllers in preparing landfill budgets valued at approximately $40M in 2012. He monitored operational performance vs. projected budgets. Tracked revenue vs. costs of various operational metrics (i.e. leachate water treatment & disposal and landfill gas expansion) – identified areas of deficiency and formulated operational plans on how to alleviate negative cash flow. He interacted with State regulatory agencies, Pennsylvania DEP, Allegheny County Health Department, local township municipalities, zoning commissioners, engineering and construction firms, and local residents for promoting goodwill within the community while minimizing grievances.