Air Emissions Inventory and Permitting Review


Warren Distribution, Inc.


Glen Dale, WV

CEC Services

  • Air Compliance and Permitting

Owner Objective

Warren Distribution, Inc. (WDI) is a privately owned manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of automotive aftermarket products based in Omaha, Nebraska. WDI’s Glen Dale, West Virginia, facility blends and packages lubricating oils and chemicals for automotive applications. The 240,000-square-foot plant includes 93 aboveground tanks that store oil and additives after delivery by truck, rail, and barge. Oil and additives are blended on site and delivered to plastic bottles of various sizes that have been formed in blowmolding machines. The finished product is then placed in cartons, palletized, and shrink-wrapped for transport.

WDI initially desired assistance with the preparation of a facility-wide air emissions inventory and an assessment of its air quality permitting obligations. The client was looking for guidance and instruction on how they could maintain the air emissions inventory in-house after it was developed for them.

CEC Approach

Following a site visit to inventory operating equipment and processes, CEC then developed emission estimates for all equipment and processes, including tank calculations that accounted for all tank dimensions and throughputs. A detailed process description was written to accompany spreadsheets used to perform emission calculations. WDI’s corporate environmental engineer was able to use those tools to maintain and update the plant’s air emissions inventory for several years.

After a number of years, WDI sought CEC’s air expertise again when representatives of the state air quality regulatory authority requested documentation that the facility was exempt from air permitting requirements after having added another 14 tanks to its tank farm. CEC started by visiting the facility to review its operations and then updated the emission inventory, completed the required paperwork, and coordinated with the regulatory authority to verify that the facility remained exempt from air permitting requirements.

CEC continues to provide air quality-related permitting and compliance services to WDI, including an air quality occupational exposure evaluation and a greenhouse gas reporting assessment.