Cottonwood Creek


Arbor Land Development, LLC


Oklahoma City, OK

CEC Services

  • Erosion & Sedimentation Control/NPDES
  • Permitting Support
  • Landscape Architecture/Land Planning
  • Predevelopment Site Investigations
  • Roadway Design
  • Site Grading/Earthwork Analysis
  • Site Infrastructure Maintenance/
  • Stormwater Management/BMP Design and
  • Sustainability Planning/Design
  • Utility Design
  • Flood Routing and FEMA Map Revisions
  • NPDES Permit Negotiation
  • Construction Management

Owner Objective

Arbor Land Development, LLC is an Oklahoma City metro area development company that develops single family residential communities. In addition, they have a separate home-building company named R&R Homes. Arbor Land Development was to purchase a foreclosed property (a portion of the abandoned Westbury Golf Course) for redevelopment as Cottonwood Creek, a 42-acre single-family residential subdivision in Oklahoma City. Arbor Land Development was looking to purchase the land for a good price due to the floodplain land encumbering the property, and to reclaim as much floodplain land as possible for development.

CEC Approach

CEC provided engineering and consulting services during the entitlement, design, and procurement phases of the project, as well as hydrologic and hydraulic (H&H) design analysis of Mustang Creek to reclaim a portion of the existing floodplain for development. In addition, CEC worked to preserve mature groves of trees located on-site and to establish a natural jogging trail throughout the development.

The design was challenging in that the property was located in a low-lying area and had only three feet of vertical fall throughout. CEC’s design team created grade to drain the lots and streets while maintaining a reasonable quantity of earthwork. Three-dimensional modeling was used to minimize the amount of fill material needed to meet the drainage and floodplain needs of the design.

The project was successfully permitted through the City of Oklahoma City, FEMA, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The infrastructure for the project is complete and homes are occupied.