Gold Paradise Peak – APP Permitting and Wetlands Remediation


Gold Paradise Peak, Inc.


Northern Arizona

CEC Services

  • Predevelopment Site Investigations
  • Stormwater Management/BMP Design
  • Wetland AMD Treatment
  • NPDES Permitting Support
  • Stormwater Sampling and Permitting
  • TMDL Modeling and Monitoring

Gold Paradise Peak

Owner Objective

Gold Paradise Peak, Inc. is an international mining company that is in the process of reopening a gold mine in Northern Arizona. The project is located in an 1880s historic, steep-terrain gold mining district. There are historical adits and shafts located on three separate parcels with difficult access, ephemeral streams, and limited space for processing equipment.

Gold Paradise Peak sought assistance with obtaining an Aquifer Protection Permit (APP) required in the State of Arizona for various process-related structures — such as tailings impoundments, water storage ponds, and ore stockpile areas — which are required before mining processes can take place. In addition, Gold Paradise Peak purchased the old Senator mine, which has heavy-metal-laden mine water discharging from the adit that requires treatment before entering the Hassayampa River.

CEC Approach

CEC reviewed all the historical documentation and visited the site numerous times to gain an understanding of the process and permitting conditions required to submit a complete APP package to the ADEQ.

CEC also proposed a wetlands treatment/remediation process to assist in treating the discharge at the old Senator mine. ADEQ accepted CEC’s approach to conducting the adit mine water cleanup with a wetlands remediation approach. In doing so, CEC became the first company to use the Arizona Administrative Code R18-9-D3406 permitting process to construct wetlands to treat acid rock drainage at mining sites.

CEC has submitted all documents as required by ADEQ and once accepted, CEC will oversee the construction of the wetlands remediation approach and complete additional stormwater permitting as required in the APP permit.