Stationary Source Testing


Johnson Controls Battery Group, Inc.


Holland, OH

CEC Services

  • Air Emissions Testing: Methods 5/12 (Particulate/Lead)
  • Air Emissions Testing: Method 9 (Visible Emissions)

Owner Objective

Johnson Controls Battery Group, Inc. (JCI) is the world’s largest automotive battery manufacturer and has more than 100 years of experience providing batteries to automotive manufacturers and aftermarket distributors and retailers across its global footprint.

JCI’s Holland, Ohio facility manufactures automotive and marine lead acid batteries. This facility’s battery production encompasses every aspect of the production cycle: lead oxide formation, plate pasting, cast-on-strap, plate curing, final assembly, cleanup by a central vacuum system, and shipping of the original equipment manufacturer OEM and aftermarket batteries. The Holland plant has approximately 120 permitted air emission sources by the Toledo Department of Environmental Services (TDES). JCI’s objective was to perform permit expiration compliance testing and the required Corporate Power Solutions monitoring of the 34 point-source emissions with permits expiring in 2019.

CEC Approach

JCI has standardized its source emissions testing by employing a single vendor, CEC, for its test programs. CEC mobilized eight Qualified Source Testing Individuals (QSTIs) and two mobile laboratories to support the Holland test program. Two JCI environmental engineers and six environmental specialists from TDES were present to facilitate, observe, and validate the test proceedings, which included field sampling, mobile laboratory analyses, and visible emission observations.

Over a two-week period, CEC staff performed U.S. EPA Methods 5/12 and 9 (lead/particulate matter and visible emission observations) sampling and analysis for 29 of 34 stationary sources for permit expiration compliance determination.

The mobilization for JCI Holland project was the largest single project that JCI and CEC have performed in more than 40 years of its source testing partnership.