Traffic Impact Analysis for a Proposed Mine Expansion Project





CEC Services

  • Traffic Engineering
  • Transportation Planning

Owner Objective

A confidential client located in Arizona required a Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) to determine the transportation impacts of a proposed expansion project in anticipation for the support of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that may be required by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to support the acquisition of a Section 404 Permit.

CEC Approach

CEC was hired to prepare the TIA, which evaluated the transportation impacts associated with the expansion of the existing copper mine on both the local and the regional roadway networks. Principally, the study included the evaluation of expected significant impacts that several thousand new employees would create during the planned multi-year construction time frame for the mine expansion. The TIA included intersection capacity analyses, vehicular queueing models, regional trip distribution models, multi-modal trip planning, and access alternatives analyses. CEC worked with the client to develop transportation demand management (TDM) strategies, which would reduce the traffic impacts associated with the project. The TIA was prepared in accordance with the guidelines published in Section 240 of the Arizona Department of Transportation’s ADOT Traffic Engineering Guidelines and Processes (June 2015).