Wendell August Forge Site Development


Wendell August Forge

Wesex Corporation


Grove City, PA

CEC Services

  • Site Evaluation
  • Conceptual Plan Development
  • Preliminary Site Engineering
  • Surveying
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Stormwater Management Permitting and Design
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Permitting and Design
  • PennDOT Highway Occupancy Permitting
  • Construction and Permitting Documents
  • As-built Survey

Owner Objective

Wendell August Forge, a metal giftware manufacturing company, needed to build a new facility following a devastating accidental fire in 2010 that destroyed the original Grove City location. Following this tragedy, the business eyed building its new facility in the vicinity of its existing retail operation near Grove City.

CEC Approach

CEC teamed with Wesex Corporation, a design-build contractor based in West Middlesex, PA, to perform the site engineering design plans associated with the new facility. The proposed development consisted of an approximate 52,000 square foot building and associated parking and site improvements. The facility includes retail store space, production, and office areas.

CEC initially assisted in the site selection process for the new facility. Various sites in the Grove City area were evaluated for feasibility of the development. Site evaluation services included due diligence studies for determining the presence of environmentally sensitive features, including streams and wetlands, utility availability, and access to public/state roadways. Ultimately, vacant land on State Route 208 in Springfield Township, Mercer County, was selected for the development site.

CEC provided geotechnical engineering services for the project site. This included a detailed evaluated of the subsurface conditions, as well as developing recommendations for building, pavement, and structure design to facilitate the development activity. Soil conditions at the site generally included moist to wet, glacial clay materials. Recommendations were provided to address the wet soil conditions, including the use of cement-stabilized building subgrades.

CEC also provided site surveying services, including preparation of a subdivision plan for the 50+ acre property as well as a topographic survey. CEC’s survey services also stakeout during construction activities.

Using the plans and information developed through the due diligence phase of the project, CEC prepared the detailed land development plans for the project. CEC’s services included preparation of the site grading plan, erosion and sedimentation control plan, and post-construction stormwater management plan, including National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting for construction related activities. CEC developed the plans, details and specifications, as well as the submittals required by Springfield Township and Mercer County Conservation District for the development and permitting. Site development services also included landscaping, lighting, and utility plan preparation.

In addition, CEC, in conjunction with Traffic Planning and Design, Inc., obtained a Highway Occupancy Permit for the driveway access along State Route 208 through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.