CEC Hosts First Employee Resource Group Summit

October 18, 2022

At the end of September, CEC hosted its first Employee Resource Group (ERG) Summit. The event was held for leaders and members of our five ERGs — CEC Community, CEC Fit!, CEC iDEA, CEC IGNITE, and CEC Women — to learn and collaborate. With its theme of “Focused Forward,” the summit focused on making plans for the future and putting ideas into action while putting a conscious effort into creating a culture of inclusion.

Conversations centered around continuing the growth and success of ERGs by creating meaningful initiatives for now and in the future. Group members discussed roadblocks to achieving success and brainstormed possible solutions. ERG leaders also attended professional development training on creating an inclusive culture led by Vibrant Pittsburgh, an economic development organization whose “mission is to accelerate the business community toward equitable, inclusive, and diverse workplaces, creating a future-forward region.” The summit concluded with our five ERGs breaking out into separate sessions to determine the next steps for their group. This event helped the groups refocus, and ERG leaders were given the needed space to plan their visions.

CEO Dustin Kuhlman said, “These groups help make CEC a smaller place, in a good way.” On the topic of inclusion, Dustin notes that on the employee engagement survey (taken by CEC team members earlier this year), “91 percent of employees felt they were not treated unfairly because of their personal characteristics. Maybe it’s unrealistic, but I feel we can’t be satisfied with that. We want 100 percent of our employees to feel that way.”

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