CEC Toledo Expands Watershed Planning, Ecological Sciences Capabilities With Addition of Jaimie Johnson

April 23, 2020

(419) 724-5281

Jaimie will use her experience at two Soil & Water Conservation Districts as well as her expertise in Nonpoint Source Implementation Strategic (NPS-IS) plans, grant writing, and wetland restoration projects to expand CEC Toledo’s growing watershed planning and ecological sciences teams.

Jaimie is an aquatic ecologist with a focus on wetland communities and their interactions among invasive macrophytes. She has coordinated watershed activities for Cahoon Creek and has provided assistance in many aspects of wetland and stream restoration projects, such as wetland delineations, habitat assessments, macroinvertebrate and fish surveys, and invasive wetland plant identification. She developed two NPS-IS plans in Cuyahoga County, and laid foundational groundwork for plans in Erie County, Ohio. She has assisted community watershed organizations in successfully securing grant funds to purchase and develop citizen science-based water quality monitoring volunteer programs.

Jaimie has certifications in Wetland Delineation and Regional Supplement Training from the Ohio Wetlands Association’s Midwest Biodiversity Institute and in Qualitative Habitat Evaluation Index Training from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

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