CEC St. Louis Welcomes Chuck Duncan for Source Emission Testing

June 8, 2020

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Charles “Chuck” Duncan III brings 55 years of experience and recognized leadership in source emission testing to CEC’s air quality source testing group. He has experience testing more than 1,500 emission sources serving a variety of industries. In the power sector, he has experience with emissions from coal and gas-fired power plants. In the manufacturing sector, he has experience with emissions from chemical, food, paper, fiber, metals, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics facilities. He has worked as a team leader for development of source-specific test methods, including those for diammonium phosphate facilities, ammonium nitrate prill towers, nylon and acrylic fiber processes, and maleic anhydride processes.

He has developed methods for private industry to safely sample atypical sources such as high-pressure/high-temperature gas streams, steam jets, and vacuum sources. He has contributed to the development of other sampling methodologies, equipment calibration techniques, and sampling equipment design for unique sampling situations. In addition, he has provided engineering support for plant optimization and pollution prevention studies.

He’s certified in Method 9 Visual Emissions and is a Qualified Source Testing Individual. In 1990, he was elected to the Source Evaluation Society’s Stack Sampling Hall of Fame. He’s a member of the Source Evaluation Society and the Air & Waste Management Association.

Chuck can assist you in developing solutions to difficult sampling situations or situations in which you feel the current approach overstates your emissions. He can also help you with routine source testing efforts.

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