CEC Welcomes Leo Lentsch for Ecological Sciences

October 1, 2020

Leo Lentsch
Senior Principal, Ecological Sciences

Leo brings more than 35 years of ecological science experience to CEC, where he will be based in South Carolina. He specializes in natural resource management with a focus on imperiled species and ecosystems. He uses a variety of scientific methods to assess potential impacts from a variety of human activities and to identify actions to offset those impacts, including restoring critical ecosystem processes and functions. In this light, he has been a leader in promoting the use of quantitative tools that integrate economic, social, and natural resource values into ecosystem restoration.

With a unique set of skills and abilities derived from his experience as a private consultant, state employee, and federal employee, he has worked on complex, controversial, and often contentious environmental projects across the U.S. To address contentious issues, he developed many innovative and proactive approaches for resolving natural resource management conflicts.

He is a recognized expert on Endangered Species Act (ESA) compliance and taught classes on the subject at the National Conservation Training Center and the University of California. He has expertise in National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) projects, resource conservation planning and management, ecological studies, habitat assessment, species status assessments, distribution studies, invasive species management, climate change, and endangered species recovery planning. To this end, he has served on multiple interagency and industry-based advisory teams tasked with offsetting environmental impacts across the U.S.

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