CEC Monroeville’s Scott Rasmussen Offers Expertise to West Virginia University Mining Class

March 29, 2021

CEC Monroeville’s Scott Rasmussen


Scott Rasmussen, a Principal in the Environmental Engineering and Sciences Practice at CEC Monroeville, recently was a speaker during a presentation on permitting for a Mining Engineering class at West Virginia University.

The presentation, which focused on permitting new mines in the northern Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, was given to a class of 15 aspiring mining engineers who are in the middle of working on their senior projects. The class is divided into four teams, with two working in underground West Virginia coal and two working in surface gold in Red Lake, Ontario. Through a contact of Rob Livermore, the corporate leader of CEC’s Mining Market Group, CEC was able to connect an environmental manager at a mine in Ontario with the gold teams to discuss permitting in Canada.

Scott presented to the class for roughly an hour, including a question-and-answer session. He discussed the information that’s required for coal mine permitting in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, including how long it takes to collect data and prepare the application, how long it takes agencies to review it, and how much they cost.


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