CEC Greenville Adds New Drone Surveying Technology

August 29, 2023

CEC Greenville has added the latest in small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) technology to our Survey department. With the addition of a new DJI Matrice 300 RTK and a Zenmuse P1 Camera, our team members are better equipped to take care of photogrammetry needs. In addition to our photogrammetry abilities, we have added a ROCK Robotics R360 LiDAR sensor payload. With the R360, we can cover a hundred-acre site in hours rather than days and produce a high-quality digital terrain model with the shortest turnaround possible.

This new drone technology allows us to respond to clients’ needs faster and more accurately than conventional methods. Using conventional methods on larger project sites can take weeks or even months to complete, costing clients more time and money. CEC team members have already been using the drone to gather field data for more than 700 acres of land in a single day. Previously, this process would have taken months to complete.

Our drone services offer three primary products: planimetric, topographic, and high-resolution photogrammetry. Planimetric focuses on the horizontal position of points of interest on the ground, while topography focuses on the elevation of those points. We can also offer more complex deliverables such as bathymetric surveys that detail the features of points of interest underwater. “One of my favorite benefits of being a surveyor is that you don’t spend all your time in an office,” says Chris Bedford, a Survey Technician III from CEC Greenville. “You could find yourself in remote locations finding monuments that are over 100 years old.” 

Our experts can determine what tools are needed to overcome a client’s challenges. Every project proposal is reviewed by multiple team members in varying disciplines. This allows us to garner several perspectives and experiences to decide the best tools and strategies to meet our clients’ needs. 

Our experts also take it upon themselves to mentor new surveyors out of college. The land surveying field changes rapidly with the advancement of technology such as drones, LiDAR, and even robotics. Due to this rapidly changing landscape, “a college student preparing for their career would benefit from taking courses in coding, robotics, unmanned aircraft, global navigation satellite systems, and any computer-aided drafting courses,” says Chris. CEC is a great supporter of innovation, and we give time to develop the skill sets needed to perform tasks proficiently. Our Do, Manage, Market, Lead program allows for the development of foundational skills at every phase of a career while promoting ownership and personal business relationships. 

About CEC Greenville

CEC’s Greenville office was founded in 2016 to continue the company’s growth in the Carolinas and the southeastern United States. The team has expertise in air and facility compliancecivil engineering and site developmentenvironmental engineering and sciences, subsurface utility engineering, survey and geospatialstormwater management, and wastewater engineering.

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Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. (CEC) provides comprehensive market-oriented consulting services to advance client strategic business objectives. CEC is recognized for delivering innovative design solutions and integrated expertise in air quality, civil engineering, ecological sciences, environmental engineering and sciences, manufacturing infrastructure services, survey/geospatial, waste management, and water resources.

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