Jennifer Flannery Takes Helm of WEN-GP for 2024

January 23, 2024

Jennifer Flannery, CEC Philadelphia’s Office Lead, is the 2024 president of the Women’s Energy Network’s Greater Philadelphia Chapter (WEN-GP).

Founded in 2016, the chapter aims to attract more women into energy through outreach programs; to retain and develop women in energy by fostering relationships; to develop leadership competencies; and to provide industry insight through strategic partnerships with companies, education and to institutions, and other organizations.

In other words, WEN-GP, at its core, is about networking and education. Jennifer is ready to tackle the pair as she leads the chapter in 2024. “This is a rebuilding year for our chapter. We are looking at what works and what doesn’t —all the while focusing on renewables.”

“The center of my work as always been energy. We all need energy and I have always been a big proponent of utilizing a mix of energy sources,” Jennifer, a member of WEN-GP since 2020, said. She is looking forward to building the same enthusiasm and excitement she feels on the topic into the chapter.

“We are growing our leadership team with a full board of directors who are meeting monthly,” she added.

She references the membership and activities of the Greater Pittsburgh Chapter of WEN as an example of where she’d like to see her chapter. “It’s an active chapter with members looking forward to events. We want to build the same mentality here in Philadelphia,” Jennifer said.

WEN-GP is leaning on social events this year to help build membership and create an air of excitement. Some of the outings currently being planned include Cocktails and Headshots, which will combine learning some new drink recipes from a mixologist and getting new headshots, and Links and Drinks, which will feature golf lessons.

“We are in the process of defining ourselves.”

Jennifer further outlines her plans for 2024 in her WEN-GP President’s Message. You can read it here.

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