CEC Explains – Introduction
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Welcome to CEC Explains, your deep dive into fascinating subjects from the worlds of engineering and the environment, brought to you by Civil & Environmental Consultants.

And now, from our CEC studios around the nation, this is CEC Explains.

Ever wonder how roller coasters are measured? Or whether your favorite science fiction film is more fiction or science? Maybe you’re interested in how to become an engineer. Or how to build your career once you’ve become one. Civil & Environmental Consultants is proud to introduce its new podcast series, CEC Explains.

CEC Explains takes you on a guided journey into the ever-changing world of engineering and environmental consulting. You’ll hear from our leading experts and advocates for the manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, power, public sector, real estate and solid waste industries. Every episode will break down the facts behind a new or trending topic.

For those with less time to listen, we’re also launching CEC Chats, a short and sweet look at some of the most interesting concepts we focus on each day. Every episode delivers a quick hit of insight into the natural and built world around us.
So welcome! You are cordially invited to listen, share, subscribe — and join the conversation. We have so much to share with you in the episodes to come. And we can’t wait to hear what you think.

Thank you for listening to this episode of CEC Explains, brought to you Civil and Environmental Consultants.
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