Richland Creek at REOSTONE Quarry Stream Repair


Rogers Group, Inc.


Nashville, Tennessee

CEC Services

  • Hydraulic Monitoring (HEC-RAS)
  • Engineering Design
  • 401/404 Permit Application Preparation
  • Construction Oversight
  • Surveying
  • Permit Monitoring
May 2010 Flood
Under Construction

Owner Objective

The Rogers Group, Inc. (RGI) is an aggregate company based out of Nashville, Tennessee. During the historic May 2010 Nashville flood, the rain waters caused the barrier between Richland Creek and the RGI’s REOSTONE quarry to break. Approximately 300 feet of Richland Creek fell into the quarry.

CEC Approach

RGI hired CEC to design and provide permitting services to repair the creek. CEC performed a flood study utilizing HEC-RAS to verify a No-Rise condition for the 100-year flood. CEC prepared the engineering plans and the local and 401/404 permit applications and assisted RGI with a public hearing and meeting with stakeholders. Additionally, CEC successfully represented the project before the Metro Nashville Stormwater Management Committee for a variance to disturb a stream buffer. CEC provided construction oversight and an as-built survey of the completed project.

The new stream channel measured just over 1,000-feet and was designed as a Priority 1 stream restoration project in accordance with the NC State Stream Restoration Handbook guidelines utilizing natural stream design principles.

Once completed, CEC submitted the HEC-RAS modeling information to the Nashville District Corps of Engineers to be used as part of a county-wide flood map revision. REOSTONE quarry was operational within four months and restored to full functionality within one year of the flood. CEC completed the five-year monitoring required of RGI by its USACE permit in 2016.

March 2012— Vegetation emerging after new stream relocation completed including Rootwads, coir matting, and seedlings