Why Manufacturing Infrastructure Services? Why Now? Here’s Why We’ve Launched This New Service Group

June 16, 2020

CEC has established Manufacturing Infrastructure Services (MIS) as a complementary practice to expand our support to our clients in several markets that we serve. The MIS practice will provide integrated facility arrangement, mechanical, electrical, piping, structural, civil, and HVAC engineering to support the construction of new facilities or the modification, upgrade, or expansion of existing metals, minerals, and general manufacturing facilities. For now, the practice will be based in the Pittsburgh office, but staff can travel nationwide to help out on any project.

Aluminum steel roll manufacturing in factory

Services include:

  • Pre-project Planning
  • Detailed Design
  • Construction Support

Check out the full list of expertise from the MIS group here.

With the addition of the MIS group, CEC provides a full complement of engineering and design services to become a one-stop shop for our clients. These services will encompass:


Sami Achkar, Group Lead of CEC's Manufacturing Infrastructure Services


Introducing Sami Achkar, MIS Group Lead

Sami is a civil engineer with more than 30 years of experience with all phases of development for manufacturing projects, including planning, strategy development, budget preparation, scheduling, coordination, project execution, cost control, engineering, design, procurement, manufacturing, installation and start-up. His expertise is within the general manufacturing, industrial and metals industries, including integrator and mini-mills from iron ore processing to metal finishing facilities worldwide. He has been successful in establishing new markets in support of different business groups’ expansions. Sami has multifaceted U.S. and international experience with global ferrous and non-ferrous clients and is skilled with strategic partnering with financial and capital management companies performing due diligence and risk assessment review for the financing and development of new industrial projects.

Sami sat down to chat about the group’s work.

Contact Sami:

Sami envisions more than 40 professionals working in the practice group, so we’re hiring! Are you interested in working at CEC? Check out our current MIS job postings here.


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