On-Demand Webinar: Air Quality Permitting and Compliance for the Manufacturing Industry in Ohio

July 30, 2020

What We’ll Cover

In this on-demand webinar hosted by the Greater Cleveland Partnership, Jim Cooper, Principal and CEC Cleveland Office Lead, and Sarah Buzas, Assistant Project Manager at CEC Cleveland, talk about manufacturing emissions sources; air permitting programs, types of permits, and the permit application process; air regulations (federal and state); and air compliance that typically affect the manufacturing industry in Ohio. View the webinar below!

SpeakersJim Cooper, Air Quality Practice and CEC Cleveland Office Lead

Jim Cooper, Principal and CEC Cleveland Office Lead (jcooper@cecinc.com)

Jim is the office lead for the CEC Cleveland office and brings 20 years of experience in the field of air quality. He has been involved in projects for coal mining, oil and gas, limestone and aggregate processing, chemical manufacturing, steel and aluminum manufacturing, glass manufacturing, asphalt manufacturing, thermal drying, and medical waste. As an industry liaison to local and federal trade associations for the bigger part of the last decade, he worked to mitigate impacts of unfavorable regulatory actions. He has successful relationships with regulators such as the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s Division of Air Pollution Control, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Bureau of Air Quality, the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Air Quality, and the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards.

Sarah Buzas, AIr Quality Practice, CEC Cleveland

Sarah Buzas, Assistant Project Manager at CEC Cleveland (sbuzas@cecinc.com)

Prior to joining CEC, Sarah worked with the Cleveland Division of Air Quality (Cleveland DAQ) and Ohio EPA for nine years as an environmental compliance specialist and permit review manager with extensive knowledge of the Ohio EPA and Federal EPA Air Permitting Program in a wide variety of industry sectors. Her work with the Ohio EPA includes the development of Engineering Guides, General Permits, and Permits-by-Rule. She is a certified Asbestos Management Planner and Optical Gas Imaging Thermographer and is trained to operate ProMax simulation software for the oil & gas industry.


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