Christy Mower Joins CEC Pittsburgh as Ecological Sciences Principal

July 29, 2021

Christy Mower, CERP
Principal, Ecological Sciences

Christy Mower brings 21 years of experience to CEC’s Pittsburgh office, where she is a Principal in our Ecological Sciences practice. Christy specializes in aquatic resource restoration and compensatory mitigation, having designed over 30 miles of stream restoration and over 100 acres of wetland restoration during her career as part of multi-disciplinary teams. She has designed, provided construction oversight, and monitored aquatic resources throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and Midwest.

Beginning her career with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Virginia Game and Inland Fisheries Department, Christy has in-depth regulatory experience to help clients navigate difficult local, state, and federal permitting projects. While working for one of the largest energy industries in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, her knowledge and understanding of major decision-making strategies will provide valuable insight to improve short- and long-term cost savings because she understands industry priorities, goals, and objectives. She provides extensive hands-on technical and advisory skills to produce high-quality deliverables with exceptional efficiency, while mentoring staff to build depth of the team.

A Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner, Certified Fisheries Professional, and Certified Ecologist, Christy has her Level IV Rosgen Training, 38-hour Wetland Delineation Training, WVDNR Fish and Benthic Macroinvertebrate Certification, WV-WRAM Training, and has taken over 80 additional hours of specialized stream design training, led by experts in the fields of process-based geomorphic analysis and natural channel design techniques. Being an invited speaker at specialized conferences throughout the country, while publishing scientific papers, she thrives on sharing her knowledge and being part of the growing ecological restoration industry. Christy is dedicated, focused, and committed to providing exceptional service to CEC’s clients. In addition to her technical skill, her enthusiasm and love for what she does will be an asset to any project she works on.

If you have questions or need help with aquatic resource restoration or mitigation projects, please reach out to Christy at or 412.275.2996. She will be happy to work with you to develop innovative design solutions for your project. She’ll work specifically on projects in the Pittsburgh area, as well as the Appalachian Mountain and Midwest regions, while supporting other ecosystem restoration projects across CEC’s nationwide footprint.

About CEC Pittsburgh

CEC Pittsburgh has more than 300 professionals in air qualitycivil engineeringecological sciencesenvironmental engineering and sciencesmanufacturing infrastructure servicessurvey/geospatialwaste management, and water resources. Our specialty services include master planningcultural resource management, and geographic information systems and data management.

About Our Ecological Sciences practice

Our ecological sciences practice solves the wide range of ecological issues you may confront during your project. With extensive experience working with regulatory agencies, our multi-disciplinary team includes terrestrial and aquatic ecologists, wetland scientists, threatened and endangered species experts, and agency-approved surveyors of federally and state-listed plants and animals. We determine the presence or absence of protected species, offer measures to provide mitigation solutions, work with regulators to resolve conflicts, and recommend a permitting strategy. We’re experienced with natural channel stream design, watershed-based restoration, and on-site mitigation projects.

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Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. (CEC) provides comprehensive market-oriented consulting services to advance client strategic business objectives. CEC is recognized for delivering innovative design solutions and integrated expertise in air quality, civil engineering, ecological sciences, environmental engineering and sciences, manufacturing infrastructure services, survey/geospatial, waste management, and water resources.

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