New CEC Martinsburg Office Will Provide Services to WV’s Eastern Panhandle

October 13, 2022

Kow Eshun

Kow Eshun, P.E.
Martinsburg Office Lead

CEC is excited to announce the opening of our new full-service office location in Martinsburg, West Virginia. The CEC Martinsburg location was initiated from an opportunity to serve the City of Martinsburg and expand CEC’s presence in West Virginia.

The establishment of the office is a show of CEC’s dedication and desire to provide client-focused, high-quality innovative services to our clients in the Eastern Panhandle and surrounding areas.

The office officially opened in 2022, however, CEC has been providing engineering consulting services to the area since early 2020 to develop a solid client base for support of the establishment of the office. CEC Vice President Steve Cain, P.E., led the opportunities for the development of professional relationships with the City of Martinsburg, Berkeley County, and the surrounding communities.

“The opportunity to bring CEC’s all-inclusive service offerings, values and quality of work to the Martinsburg area is exciting.” Cain says.

Martinsburg is the largest city in the Eastern Panhandle of the state and is centrally located along Interstate 81. This location allows for the Martinsburg office to be easily accessible from Washington, DC, Baltimore and Hagerstown, MD, Harrisburg, PA, and Winchester, VA.

The City of Martinsburg provided CEC our first opportunity to bring our expertise and capabilities to the Eastern Panhandle. The opportunity has allowed CEC to work with the City on a variety of projects which showcases our broad expertise and full suite of consulting services. Some of the completed projects include the wastewater treatment plant improvements, master planning, roadway and drainage improvements, water system capacity study, new public works facility, fire and safety complex improvements, as well as several other projects throughout the city. In addition to the City, CEC is also providing engineering services to the Berkeley County Council and several local area developers. This is just the beginning of what is ahead for CEC in the Martinsburg and eastern panhandle areas of West Virginia and surround states. CEC’s dedicated staff, currently located in a downtown office location, is ready to assist with your engineering needs.

At the helm in the Martinsburg location is Kow Eshun, P.E., a civil engineer with over 17 years of experience, seven of those years have been with CEC’s Bridgeport (WV) office. Eshun is passionate about West Virginia, having moved here in 2014 after his graduate studies at the University of Akron, Ohio. He jumped at the chance to be part of this brand-new office after having performed in a number of key roles in the Bridgeport office. Eshun considers himself a leader and mentor and is excited about the opportunity to lead this office startup.

“We made a commitment to the City of Martinsburg that we would have a local presence in the community. The opportunity to provide client- focused, high quality, and innovative services in the Eastern Panhandle is appealing, Eshun, a CEC Vice President, says. “I’ve always considered myself a good business developer and there is a lot we can achieve here.”



The Martinsburg offices offers a full suite of engineering and environmental services to the region, including all aspects of civil/site engineering, construction inspection, geotechnical engineering, surveying, and water resources.

Eshun says his office is actively recruiting and looking to add 10 positions — attaining a good mix of engineers, scientists, surveyors, and technicians.  

“The bottom line is CEC offers an enabling and supportive environment in which everyone can grow and succeed. Employees are making the choice to work in Martinsburg.” The office is fortunate to start with seasoned employees who understand CEC’s way of doing business transferring from the Bridgeport office location.

One of the Bridgeport office staff making the move out east is Assistant Project Manager Marcus Spina. Spina has had his eye on a career in engineering since kindergarten. While he says it was a tough decision to leave the Bridgeport office family and community, he and his wife both instantly fell in love with the Martinsburg area and its rich history.

“I see CEC and myself thriving in this new location. Kow is a great leader and I am blessed that CEC sees me fit to join in on this new venture,” Spina says. “We’re all in. We are here for the long haul and fully committed to this area. No matter what stage of your career you are in, you can help CEC grow,” Spina says.

Both Eshun and Spina are budgeting their time to allow for days out in the community meeting people, building relationships, and getting acquainted with clients.

“I’m looking forward to watching the Martinsburg office grow with a strong leader driving their business and success,” adds Lauren Parker, P.E., CEC Martinsburg’s Vice President of Operations.

 “We are creating opportunities in West Virginia for West Virginia people. With CEC, the sky’s the limit,” Eshun says with a smile.


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