CECW Hosts LinkedIn Workshop at Columbus Office

December 19, 2022

Allison DePage and Kayla Haman, of CEC’s Columbus office, hosted a LinkedIn workshop, happy hour, and headshot event on December 12th, 2022. The event was an opportunity to introduce CECW to the Columbus office, explaining the purpose and mission of the group and Allison’s and Kayla’s role within CECW.

CECWomen is a group steered by women for all employees to create internal and external opportunities for CEC women to network and leverage one another’s professional experience; to open a dialogue and foster collaboration, feedback, education, and development; and to intentionally promote and celebrate accomplishments.

Allison and Kayla heard there was a need in the Columbus office for updated headshots and thought it would be a great time to provide tips on how our Columbus team can elevate their LinkedIn profiles and use the platform to network and recruit. The workshop included an updated headshot, provided by the marketing department, and tips on how to best market your skills through your profile.

Attendees were encouraged to like, share, connect, and endorse each other to expand their network, which helps in sharing knowledge, developing ideas, and achieving professional goals. Attendees of the workshop shared they learned a lot and enjoyed the event!

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