CEC Experts Host 2023 Solid Waste Webinar Series

September 11, 2023

This summer, CEC hosted six free webinars as part of our Solid Waste Webinar Series. The series ran from July through August and provided nearly 1,000 attendees with an opportunity to earn Professional Development Hour (PDH) credits while listening to our experts explain subjects impacting today’s solid waste operations. In Pennsylvania, engineering licenses are renewed every two years. Professional engineers must earn 24 PDH credits during each biennial renewal period to remain licensed. Clients from companies nationwide were invited to attend these one-hour webinars.

This presentation discussed the fundamentals and key aspects considered in the development of a successful Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) facility.

This presentation discussed what we already know about where per- and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS) are being found and at what concentrations. PFAS are already impacting multiple facets of the solid waste industry from leachate management to due diligence for mergers and acquisitions. We also took a look at what is on the horizon as proposed regulations and litigation-driven risk management insert PFAS into decisions such as waste acceptance, stormwater management, and environmental monitoring and remediation.

This presentation reviewed many of the latest surveying technologies, as well as applications in the solid waste market. We identified some positives and negatives of various approaches, such as fixed-wing mapping versus unmanned aerial solutions. Lastly, we explored a few newer pieces of software that have proved useful in carrying out volume calculations on these large-format datasets.

CEC conducted subsurface explorations and prepared deep foundation design recommendations for two nearly identical gas treatment plans in very different geologic settings. This presentation reviewed why deep foundations were needed, the evolution of our recommendations throughout the design/build process, and confirmatory testing methods used to verify design parameters and post-installation capacity.

This presentation reviewed regulations requiring CCR impoundment closures and evaluated options for closure-in-place and closure-by-removal. Regulatory, design, and construction issues were evaluated for each of the closure options including environmental protection, safety, and risk.

The need to excavate municipal solid waste (MSW) arises from time to time. This presentation explored how a variety of waste reclamation projects can cover a broad range of complexity and cost. Proper planning and preparation are critical to the success of these projects. Furthermore, several case histories were discussed and their keys to success were identified.

Stay tuned for more information regarding our 2024 Solid Waste Webinar Series!

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