Central Landfill


Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation


Johnston, RI

CEC Services

  • Landfill Design & Permitting
  • Leachate Treatment & Control
  • Surveying
  • CQA

Owner Objective

The Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation (RIRRC) is a quasi-public solid waste management authority servicing the Rhode Island area. The Central Landfill is the largest solid waste landfill in New England, accepting over 750,000 tons of municipal solid waste annually. The Landfill facility includes a comprehensive landfill gas (LFG) collection and control system including two LFG-to-energy facilities and five LFG flare systems, as well as a material recycling facility, composting operations, leachate treatment facility and residential drop off facility.

CEC Approach

CEC has been contracted by RIRRC since 2012 to provide the following engineering services:

  • Engineering design and construction bidding services related to the Phase IV and Phase V Final Cap projects including preparation of construction drawings, technical specifications and construction bid documents and bid support services
  • Engineering design and construction bidding services related to repair of the OU-1 area cap including preparation of construction drawings, technical specifications and construction bid documents and review of gas operating data and surface temperature surveys related to sub-surface oxidation
  • Prepared construction level baseliner drawings to meet the Owner’s annual tonnage needs. CEC provided construction drawings, specifications, and material quantity estimates and bid forms to be used within a public bid for baseliner expansion projects. Specifications, drawings, and quantities were carefully addressed to limit the Owner’s exposure to change orders within the nature of a public bid. Designs included settlement analysis, pump calculations, pipe loading analysis for leachate management system, stormwater management system upgrades, and demolition and removal of existing retaining wall and utilities within the footprint of the project.
  • Construction quality assurance (CQA) oversight: Phase V underdrain leachate treatment system, Phase IV and V Final Cover projects, Phase V Closure Turf Final Cover Project, Phase VI Areas 1, 1A, 2, 3-1, 3-1A, and 3-1B baseliner expansion projects. CQA projects include full time construction observation services, documenting daily construction activities, verifying contractor’s materials and installation procedures, maintaining project schedule, act as liaison between Contractors and Owner, observing environmental protection controls, running project meetings, sampling of materials, responding to Requests for Information (RFI’s), reviewing Contractor’s payment requests and change order requests for the Owner, and completing Construction Certification Report for approval by the regulatory agency upon completion.
  • Leachate force main design
  • Stormwater basin surveys
  • Landfill topographic survey (active areas)