Dolomite Mine Pillar LiDAR Surveys


Q4 Impact Group, LLC


Joliet, IL

CEC Services

  • LiDAR Surveys—Short and Long Range
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Volumetric Surveys

Owner Objective

Q4 Impact Group, LLC (Q4) works with mine owners and operators on mine structure and stability projects. Q4 was working with a mine owner that was concerned about the deterioration of the 100-foot-tall pillars supporting the ceiling in its underground dolomite mine.

CEC Approach

CEC was hired to utilize LiDAR technology for pillar cross-sectional acquisition. The owner needed detailed structural details on each of the columns and CEC’s remote sensing capabilities enabled highly-accurate collection of this data. The pillars were located 400 feet below the surface, only accessible via an incredibly steep ramp and in a space with no light. In order to sight-in control with the terrestrial LiDAR, CEC devised a method of communication and visualization using flashlight signals on survey targets.

CEC delivered the point cloud and detailed cross-section data under budget and ahead of schedule. CEC provided LiDAR in native AutoCAD drawing for detailed analysis by third party mining engineers. Minimum cross-sectional areas were outlined by CEC as 3D polylines using advanced 3D meshing software.