Harroun Park Stream Restoration


City of Sylvania

Kevin Aller


Sylvania, Lucas County, OH

CEC Services

  • Geomorphic and Topographic Surveying
  • Aerial Drone Survey
  • HEC-RAS Modeling
  • Stream Restoration Design
  • Clean Water Act Permitting
  • SWP3 Inspection
  • Construction
  • Construction Oversight

Owner Objective

The City of Sylvania recently extended a public walking trail within Harroun Park. The River Trail is situated along the course of Tenmile Creek, a highly channelized stream causing eroding streambanks and contributing to high sediment and nutrient loads flowing to Lake Erie. The City pursued and secured grant funding to restore a 300-linear-foot section of the stream.

CEC Approach

CEC was contracted by the City to assist in stabilizing the stream banks to help protect-adjacent infrastructure and erosion contributing to in-stream habitat loss and nutrient loading.

The project included approximately 300 linear feet of Natural Channel Stream Design new pattern, dimension, and profile of riffle-pool system. In-stream hydraulic and biodiversity habitat uplift structures included root wads, constructed riffles, j-hooks, toe wood, and reinforced earth geo-lifts for cost effective long-term stability of the reach. Habitat restoration included bare-root tubelings, 2-inch caliper trees, and live brush layering between geo-lifts. Regulatory Permits obtained included: USACE CWA Section 404/401 Nationwide Permit 27, FEMA Floodplain Approvals, Ohio EPA NOI for Construction Stormwater.

Construction for the stream channel has been completed and addressed challenges, including shallow bedrock, buried fill, and pedestrian trespass. Field adjustments were made to avoid root zones of mature, canopy-sized trees currently stabilizing the stream bank, modifying structure design to accommodate bedrock, and to stabilize highly erodible slopes adjacent to public infrastructure.

This project was completed in May 2021.