Torchy’s Tacos: Odessa


Successful Foods Management Group, LLC

Torchy’s Tacos


Odessa, TX

CEC Services

  • Predevelopment Site Investigations
  • Phase I & II Assessments
  • ALTA NSPS Land Title Surveys
  • As-built Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Final Plat

Owner Objective

Torchy’s Tacos began as a food truck vendor and is now a restaurant in the region with locations in Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado. It was looking to expand its footprint into the Odessa, Texas market and engaged CEC for a site development plan. It had an aggressive timeline: permitting, construction, and interior finishes needed to be complete prior to the neighboring hotel development being completed, (approximately eight months).

CEC Approach

CEC met with City of Odessa Economic Development Team and City Engineers prior to submitting the permit drawings. While meeting with the officials, it was determined that CEC Austin Staff would travel to Odessa to submit the plans and review plans with each department. Any changes to the plans would be done in person by hand, and the approvals would be granted within 48 hours. CEC drafted the plans and submitted them; the city planners had zero markups or corrections. The approvals were granted within 24 hours. CEC also received the approved final plat from Odessa City Council within two council readings (standard timing) without objection from the public.

The ground conditions are sandy and there is limited storm sewer system in arid climates such as Odessa. CEC raised the building by three feet, which accomplished three objectives for the project:
• It allowed for better drainage;
• Seated patrons could sit at eye level with walking pedestrians outside the building; and
• The steeper parking (2.5%) allowed for an asphalt parking structure instead of concrete, which meant there would be lower potential for standing water.

CEC worked with the neighboring properties, specifically Clinical Pathology Laboratories (CPL), to maintain access during business hours. All the utilities for Torchy’s Tacos (water, wastewater, electricity, gas, and telecommunications) are located in the alley used by CPL as the main drive for sample drops and customer parking. The alley was repaved by Torchy’s Tacos. Further, the power poles in the alley were to be removed. CEC worked on an internal circulation route that would allow CPL to continue working and construction to continue during the week.

The work commenced, the aggressive timeline was met, and Torchy’s Tacos Odessa opened before the hotel.