Knoxville Serves on Panels for Civil Engineering Classes at the University of Tennessee

October 28, 2019

Knoxville employees recently served on two panels for civil engineering classes at the University of Tennessee:

1.) Robert Johnson, Garrett Welch, Kevin McNally, and Beth Crisco-Kestner participated in the Technical Communications class discussion “Making It Work,” a class that focuses on the importance of technical communications in the engineering profession. In an open forum, the students asked the panel questions regarding the use of various technical writing and communications we face every day as engineers.

2.) Cody Stephens, Jenny Rickford, Cori James, and Sam Searcy participated in the Senior Design class discussion “Beyond the Curriculum,” a class that integrates the technical and theoretical knowledge learned in college with project management and problem solving related to an actual project. This particular panel session was designed to express to the seniors that while they have learned a lot in school, and even from internships, they still have a lot to learn and should expect to gain a lot of knowledge in their first few years working as junior engineers. Our Knoxville employees gave a brief summary of their individual experiences since graduation and then answered questions from the students related to the industry as a whole, how to filter through the options and make good choices during their job search, and pursuing further education before entering the workforce. 

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