CECWomen Sets Its Sights on the 2020–2021 Planning Year

October 12, 2020

CECWomen’s mission is to create internal and external opportunities for CEC’s women to network and leverage one another’s professional experience; to open a dialogue and foster collaboration, feedback, education, and development; and to intentionally promote and celebrate accomplishments. The group’s long-term objectives include continuing to recruit and retain talented and qualified women in the consulting industry; providing professional development opportunities; and promoting a collaborative network of professional women and facilitating leadership growth, both inside and outside of CEC. The group is steered by women, but aims to provide thought leadership and opportunities for all CEC employees.

The CECWomen steering committee meets annually in Pittsburgh to plan the group’s activities. During the retreat this year, the committee elected individuals to fulfill key roles, developed committee initiatives for the October 2020–September 2021 term year, and welcomed a guest speaker regarding women’s leadership.

The 2020 CECWomen meeting

Committee Member Roles

  • Chair: Deanna Bobak of CEC Toledo (thanking Beth Crisco-Kestner, formerly of CEC Knoxville, for her service during the 2019–2020 year)
  • Co-chair: Alex Kerns of CEC Columbus (thanking Becky Feigh of CEC Indianapolis for her service during the 2019–2020 year)
  • Regional Champions Chair: Jennifer Garvon of CEC Charlotte (thanking Jennifer Garcia of CEC Austin for her service during the 2019–2020 year)
  • Programs and Development Chairs: Britney Barnes of CEC Greenville and Leah Blinn of CEC Pittsburgh (Britney Barnes continues in the role from the 2019–2020 year)
  • Communications Chair: Haley Deli of CEC Pittsburgh (thanking Michelle Raley of CEC Pittsburgh for her service during the 2019–2020 year)
  • APM Chair (who leads CECWomen’s presence at our two-day annual planning meeting): Deanna Bobak of CEC Toledo (Deanna continues in the role from the 2019–2020 year)
  • Members at Large: Karlyn Boguslawski of CEC Pittsburgh, Devanna Corley of CEC Bridgeport, and Becky Feigh of CEC Indianapolis
  • Management Committee Liaison: Mary Guinee of CEC Pittsburgh (continuing her role from the 2019–2020 year and thanking Jennifer Ciccone for her service during the 2019–2020 year)

The 2020 CECWomen meeting


During the next year, the group will continue these successful initiatives:

  • The annual book study exploring leadership and development topics;
  • Promotion of client events and sponsorship of women-oriented events; and
  • Personalized welcomes to newly hired women.

Also, the group will launch new initiatives, including:

  • Promotion of the Career Development Discussion Guide;
  • Tips on gaining external exposure for your expertise (e.g., submitting abstracts for speaking engagements, publishing articles in trade or association publications, and writing blog posts);
  • Internal networking opportunities; and
  • Much more!

Author Beth Caldwell, guest speaker

Guest Speaker: Beth Caldwell, Author

CECWomen hosted Beth Caldwell, author of 10 business and inspirational books, Executive Director of Pittsburgh Professional Women and founder of Leadership Academy for Women and the Shift Coaching Program for Women. Beth has written leadership and success columns for the Pittsburgh Business Times newspaper and Smart Business magazine, and she has recently contributed blog posts to Thrive Global. During her discussion with the CECWomen steering committee, she covered some of the topics in her new book, Women, LEAD!, regarding how women can be more successful leaders. She shared some sound recommendations for the committee, and the committee pledged to be ambassadors for impactful leadership.

About the Author

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Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. (CEC) provides comprehensive market-oriented consulting services to advance client strategic business objectives. CEC is recognized for delivering innovative design solutions and integrated expertise in air quality, civil engineering, ecological sciences, environmental engineering and sciences, manufacturing infrastructure services, survey/geospatial, waste management, and water resources.

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