Patrick McMahon Joins CEC Knoxville To Grow Water Resources Practice

June 29, 2021

McMahon, Patrick

Patrick McMahon, Ph.D., P.E., CFM
Senior Project Manager, Water Resources

CEC Knoxville is proud to announce another exciting addition to the team! Patrick McMahon brings his extensive experience to grow a water resources group for our Knoxville office. Patrick is a registered Professional Engineer in Tennessee and North Carolina and a Certified Floodplain Manager. He has completed a number of diverse engineering projects for various city, state, and federal agencies across the Southeast and Midwest, proving to be a dynamic resource on challenging projects. His mandolin chops will also help round out the office band!

Patrick brings a wealth of water resources knowledge and expertise to CEC, including:

  • NFIP compliance analyses;
  • MS4 compliance;
  • Single-event and continuous simulation hydrologic modeling;
  • 1-, 2-, and 3-dimensional hydraulic modeling;
  • Sediment transport analyses;
  • Stream restoration design;
  • Fish passage analyses;
  • Dam removal and breach analyses;
  • Flood wave propagation analyses; and
  • Bedload transport modeling

Patrick earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and master’s degree in environmental engineering at the University of Tennessee, where he later returned to earn his Ph.D. in civil engineering. When he’s not meeting with clients, crunching through models, or melting computer processors, Patrick can usually be found outside with his wife and two kids, hiking in the woods, or cycling on back country roads and trails.

About CEC Knoxville
In 2014, CEC established operations in East Tennessee through the acquisition of Knoxville-based VISION Engineering & Development Services, Inc. After that, we quickly expanded our services to include environmental engineering, ecological services, and air testing. Our structural engineering group provides support to all of CEC’s offices, which gives us a unique connection to the corporate body. In December 2016, CEC Knoxville became the first private tenant in the University of Tennessee’s Innovation Campus and Research Park at Cherokee Farm.

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