Corrective Measures Perimeter Groundwater Monitoring Program


City of Toledo


Toledo, OH

CEC Services

  • Air Compliance and Permitting
  • Brownfield Redevelopment Services
  • Groundwater Monitoring and Assessment
  • Hydrogeology and Groundwater Modeling
  • Risk Assessments

Owner Objective

The City of Toledo owns the former Textileather property, which is located in a key redevelopment corridor adjacent to the Fiat Chrysler Jeep assembly plant. The former Textileather facility operated until 2009 and manufactured vinyl products for the automotive industry.

The City intends to redevelop the property for future “just in time” suppliers for the adjacent Jeep assembly plant. The City recently completed a comprehensive remediation of the property under direction of the USEPA, including removal of identified impacted areas. Remediation of the property resulted in many alterations, including removal of buildings and slabs, regrading of soils, and removal of an unsealed sewer system. Potential impacts to groundwater flow and quality post-remediation of the property is a concern of the USEPA; accordingly, the agency has directed the City to complete this groundwater monitoring program along the perimeter of the property to evaluate groundwater quality and the direction of groundwater flow. The groundwater monitoring program will be completed for a five-year period, after which the information collected will be evaluated to determine the need and scope for additional monitoring, if any.

CEC Approach

CEC was selected by the City to implement the Work Plan developed by another consultant, using site-specific information available at the time, and approved by the USEPA. However, CEC identified necessary modifications to the Work Plan and monitoring program based on hydrogeologic conditions observed by CEC during the initial year of the sampling program. CEC was authorized by the City to work with the USEPA to develop a modified groundwater monitoring program, including developing a revised Work Plan, Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP), and Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP). The revised Plans have been developed by CEC and submitted to the USEPA on behalf of the City.

CEC’s involvement has resulted in a modified groundwater monitoring program that allows for the collection of representative data to evaluate groundwater quality and flow conditions at the perimeter of the property. CEC’s involvement will also result in the collection of more representative data throughout the remaining four years of the program, which will be important for use in the program evaluation to be completed after the program concludes. CEC continues to work with the City on this project.