Data Gap Analysis


The Quapaw Nation


Quapaw, OK

CEC Services

  • Stormwater Management/ BMP Design
  • Ecological Risk Assessment & Land Restoration
  • Site Characterization
  • Flood Routing and FEMA Map Revisions
  • Stream Assessments and Restoration

Owner Objective

The Quapaw nation requested assistance with preparing a data gap analysis review of information relevant to the Tar Creek Superfund site and in achieving near-term improvement of water quality and sediments in Tar Creek, leading to and supporting a permanent solution.

CEC Approach

CEC developed a concept to improve water quality and stream habitat in the Tar Creek Superfund Site. The concept included three elements:

• Relocation of streams
• Protection of the relocated Tar Creek from up-stream sedimentation
• Confining and reducing peak flows and treating acid mine water

The initial phase of implementing the concept included reviewing existing background sources of the Tar Creek Superfund Site. Background sources included geotechnical reports, hydrogeological information, the flood plain analysis of the location by Federal Emergency Management Agency, sample analysis results of the acid mine water, mine maps, and various other documents.

Upon completion of the background document review, CEC prepared a data gap analysis report summarizing what was reviewed and identifying what information is still needed to implement the proposed concept.