Harpeth Wetland Mitigation Bank


Harpeth Reserve, LLC


Eagleville, TN

CEC Services

  • Wetland Mitigation Banking
  • Memorandum of Agreement
  • Wetland Restoration Design
  • Construction Oversight
  • Reforestation
  • Long-Term Monitoring
  • Bank Management

Owner Objective

Harpeth Reserve, LLC, once known as Harpeth Wetland Bank, LLC south to restore a 235-acre wetland in Eagleville, Tennessee in order to establish a mitigation bank.

CEC Approach

CEC biologists developed, permitted, planned, and constructed the wetland restoration efforts. These efforts were completed in early 2000 and involved the construction and installation of numerous earthen berms, rock dams, subsurface drain tile removal, vernal pool development, ditch plugs, drop board water control structures, and site preparation for tree planting. CEC’s monitoring efforts confirmed that more than 82,000 oak tree plantings survived and met or exceeded the performance criteria. CEC provided long-term hydrological monitoring, vegetation analysis, and tree count surveys.

CEC provided financial and credit sales management for a period of time following the wetland restoration and coordinated regularly with the Interagency Review Team that consists of state and federal agencies.

The Harpeth Wetland Mitigation Bank was officially and successfully closed in 2011, and the property was donated to Middle Tennessee State University for long-term care and research.