Site Remediation/Release Cleanups


Confidential Gas Clients



CEC Services

  • On-call Environmental Investigation
  • Remediation Support Services

Owner Objective

To help clients obtain relief from further remediation liability protection under Act 2 for releases of various regulated substances, CEC has provided site investigation, site characterization, engineering investigations, site remediation, post-remediation confirmational sampling, operation & maintenance of remediation systems, management of impacted media (recycling/disposal management), and project reporting to the PADEP.

CEC Approach

Many of these projects also included CEC providing support for responses to PADEP notices of violation (NOVs), Cease and Desist Orders regarding environmental releases of drilling-related materials, and other requests for information, such as USEPA and PADEP requests pertaining to material releases to the environment.
Miscellaneous projects have included:

  • Sampling/analysis/evaluations of air, drinking water, surface water/groundwater environmental impact investigations.
  • Soil/sediment/groundwater/drinking water investigations and remediations.
  • Monitoring well installation and sampling.
  • Hydrogeologic assessments, including lineament studies and tracer studies in both fractured bedrock and overburden aquifers.
  • Implementation of remedial actions:
    • Soil – source removal and in-situ bioremediation;
    • Water – pump & treat, LNAPL product removal, in-situ bioremediation.
  • GPS surveying and mapping;
  • Completion of PADEP Form U applications (including sampling and analysis) to allow for landfill disposal of well drilling/completion waste streams (including coordination with landfills and PADEP);
  • Preparation of Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment under Pennsylvania Act 2.

More than 60 successful site remediations have been completed encompassing releases of diesel from various sources (stationary generators, drilling equipment, tanks, etc.); drilling mud; frac fluid; brine used as part of drilling operations (frac plug perforations, etc.); and produced brine from flowback operations and storage