Diverse Activities In Southwestern Pennsylvania

July 22, 2019
Pennsylvania Naturalist Certification Field Trip
Following a request from the Allegheny Land Trust, Jim Kilburg and Brianne Hastings hosted a geology field trip concerning Washington County geology with the help of Brianne’s husband for field assistance and Mark Haibach for ecology input. The field trip is a required course for those in the process of obtaining a Pennsylvania Naturalist certification. The two leaders and ten students (primarily retirees and school teachers) in attendance were taught geologic history, stratigraphy, maps, water quality, geomorphology, and structure.
Junior Achievement Careers in Energy

Brianne Hastings, Marty Knuth, Kristen Robertson, and Brittany Slater volunteered to teach an 8th grade science class at Karns City Area Junior Senior High School over four days. Each employee took one day to walk students through what they do on a day-to-day basis, or teach about the entire natural gas process, or even teach about jobs within the energy field. They also covered topics such as what degree you would need to be an electrician versus a geologist, what an engineer does on a normal day, types of engineering jobs, and how much they earn on average. Junior Achievement (JA) is a nonprofit organization that allows professionals to interact with students in middle school and high school to teach them about what they can do with their future career.
Dress for Success Fundraising Event

Emily Helbling, Barbara Andrade, Christian Brendel, Nicole Fiorentino, Julia Pflugrath, Morgan Castle, Nichole Marsh, and Inga Pearson attended an event hosted by the Pittsburgh chapter of the Society of Women Environmental Professionals (SWEP) to benefit Dress for Success, an international nonprofit organization with a mission to help women achieve economic independence. The organization provides support, professional attire, and other tools to help women succeed in their work. Event attendees were encouraged to bring items that are needed to dress appropriately for the workplace, such as gently used/new purses, briefcases, jewelry, belts, shoes, personal hygiene items, etc. The CEC attendees collected donations in the Pittsburgh office to contribute as many items as possible. Christian even volunteered for a demo that showcased tips for working women.

Mt. Lebanon School in the Park
Jonathan Farrell and Aimee McLaughlin participated in a School in the Park program for the Mt. Lebanon Nature Conservancy. The program, intended to introduce 3rd grade students to nature in the local parks, consisted of stations that were each taught by an adult instructor with assistance from high school volunteers. All 3rd graders in the Mt. Lebanon School District go to this program for a half day every spring. Aimee taught the students about terrestrial invertebrates and Jonathan taught about aquatic invertebrates.

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