CEC Expands California Operations with Sacramento Office

September 30, 2021

CEC is proud to announce the addition of a new office in California. CEC Sacramento joins the list of our nationwide locations as we continue to expand and grow our recently announced California operations. CEC Sacramento’s address is:

2356 Gold Meadow Way, Suite 120
Gold River, CA 95670

Along with California operations lead Darrell Thompson, who joined CEC in May, John Jowers and JC Isham have joined the team and will operate out of the Sacramento location. Together, they will utilize their relationships in California to help CEC grow while establishing their own relationships with our existing California clients.

John Jowers, QISP
Project Manager, Waste Management

John is an Environmental Engineer and a Qualified Industrial Stormwater Practitioner (QISP) with more than nine years of experience working with clients in California. John brings a wide range of expertise, including environmental compliance audits, site investigations, environmental sampling, stormwater infrastructure design, and solid waste engineering.


JC Isham, P.G. CEG, CHG
Senior Consultant, Waste Management

JC is a registered Professional Geologist, Certified Engineering Geologist, and Certified Hydrogeologist. He has spent the entirety of his 37-year career working in California. He has extensive engineering, geology, and hydrogeology experience in the siting, permitting, design, and construction of nuclear, fossil, and hydroelectric power plants, refineries, mining facilities, subways, and radioactive waste disposal facilities.

For more information about services from our Sacramento office and our California operations, contact Darrell Thompson at 760.977.8106 or via email at dthompson@cecinc.com.


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