2022 Step Up Your Game Conference

May 19, 2022

Earlier this month, CEC hosted the first-ever Step Up Your Game technical conference in Pittsburgh. The conference gave our team a chance to create fresh content and work with a senior mentor to develop and polish a presentation. Those presentations were then introduced at the Step Up Your Game conference in front of an audience of the presenters’ peers in preparation for regional and national conferences. 

  • The conference was intended to promote: 
    • Use of innovative technologies, techniques, and best practices to better serve our clients while expanding our knowledge and understanding of the most challenging technical matters that our clients face;
    • Opportunities to meet and network with other colleagues at a technical conference venue;
    • Opportunities to observe a colleague present on a practice-related topic delivered in an actual conference setting to help mitigate apprehension and encourage junior staff to pursue presentation opportunities at regional or national conferences;
    • Technology transfers from leading environmental practice vendors regarding state-of-the-art services and products including laboratories, remediation product vendors, remediation contractors, and treatability testing laboratories;
    • Development of networking skills in a conference setting to expand internal and external contacts (i.e. vendor contacts); and
    • Exposure to the conference content consisting of the latest technologies, processes, and projects which have benefited clients.

The event and subsequent networking happy hour were a great success and allowed team members from multiple different backgrounds and locations to learn from and socialize with one another. We are in the process of collecting feedback from all who attended.

Thank you to all our presenters:

  • Kristen Robertson, P.G., Pittsburgh
  • David Robinson, Ph.D., Austin
  • Baylee Kushner, G.I.T., Pittsburgh
  • Matthew Kramer, Columbus
  • Tommy Goodwin, St. Louis
  • David Follett, L.P.G., Columbus
  • Dylan Lundgren, Boston

poster presenters:

  • Abigail Wallace, E.I.T., Pittsburgh
  • Mehar Patel, E.I.T., Charlotte
  • Laura Campbell, Pittsburgh
  • Sean Cava, Philadelphia
  • Hayley Glaze, Columbus
  • Nate Hyde, Indianapolis
  • Jeni Spang, Pittsburgh
  • Kyle Filicky, P.W.S., Pittsburgh

PFAS panelists:

  • Paul Tomiczek III, P.E., Pittsburgh
  • Tom Maher, P.G., Pittsburgh 
  • Ivan Cooper, P.E., Pittsburgh 
  • Jon Kitchen, P.G., Boston


and Steering Committee members:

  • Michael Ellis. P.E., St. Louis
  • Andy McCorkle, P.G., Columbus
  • Andrew Horwath, P.E., Indianapolis

To learn more about Step Up Your Game and the presentations, click here.

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